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Louisiana Emergency Amateur Radio Network "LEARN" holds the FCC call sign W5LRN. LEARN is a repeater linking network meant to be utilized by amateur repeater owners, operators, clubs, and emergency response groups as a method to connect repeaters across a broad area in the state of Louisiana and where necessary to provide assistance to neighboring states and emergency response groups on an as needed cooperative basis.

The LEARN system is designed using Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies and TCP/IP connectivity to link repeaters together across the state to provide both emergency coordination and transmissions between served agencies.

LEARN currently has two major network hubs. One in Morgan City, LA located at the Gulf Coast Broadband data center and one in Dallas, TX at located at the Catalyst Hosting data center. Both hubs are on multi-homed BGP routed fiber networks with redundant power sources.

LEARN has active accounts on AllStar Link and EchoLink networks for analog repeaters. LEARN has plans for deploying DMR, D-Star, P25, and C4FM digital modes.

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